Promoting Small Arms Control in the Private Security Sector

This project seeks to promote good governance of the armed private security sector in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) through the implementation of internationally-accepted standards, norms, and good practices for small arms control and private security legislation and regulation. The national authorities, private security companies, and industry associations targeted in this project benefit from the delivery of tools and specialized capacity-building, and advisory and technical support.


This project combines regionally-focused policy research and tool development with practical advisory, technical and capacity-building support in different countries with the aim of:


  • prevent small arms and ammunition belonging to private security companies (PSC) from being stolen, trafficked and/or used in crimes.
  • support governments in their efforts to develop mechanisms for good governance over the Private Security Services (PSS).
  • disseminate good practices by governments in overseeing PSCs and mechanisms of self-regulation in the same sector.
  • promote implementation of international standards through physical security and stockpile management of arms and ammunition by PSCs and through the secondary marking of PSC-held small arms.
  • accompany and verify the destruction of small arms no longer needed by PSCs.