Firearms in Latin American and Caribbean schools

Over the past few decades, the presence and use of firearms in schools has become a problem across the region. Some of the manifestations of the phenomenon include: firearms found inside schools, students who carry firearms among their belongings, armed students who threaten their classmates and teachers, and shooting inside schools, among others.


The implications represent a serious obstacle to the human development of boys and girls, adolescents and young people in terms of physical integrity (injuries and deaths), as well as at the educational and psychosocial level.


Our Approach


  • Contribute to the understanding of the phenomenon by deepening understanding into its nature, manifestations, causes and challenges.
  • Generate knowledge to comprehensively address the presence of firearms in schools.
  • Promote dialogue among national authorities, civil society organizations, youth groups and other relevant actors to better respond to the challenges posed by firearms in schools.
  • Support the integration of specific measures to prevent and respond to the presence and use of firearms in schools.