Caribbean Firearms Roadmap

Sixteen Caribbean States developed and synthesized The Roadmap for Implementing The Caribbean Priority Actions on the Illicit Proliferation of Firearms and Ammunition across the Caribbean in a Sustainable Manner by 2030 (Caribbean Firearms Roadmap). The Roadmap builds on Caribbean aspirations to combat illicit trafficking of firearms and enhance resilience, through support from UNLIREC, CARICOM IMPACS and other international partners, in coordination with the governments of Germany, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.



The vision for the Roadmap is a safer Caribbean, achieved by addressing the issue of illicit proliferation of firearms and ammunition. This will be achieved by adopting sustainable solutions, consistent with international norms and the Caribbean context, to control, eradicate, prevent and prosecute the illicit possession, proliferation and misuse of firearms and ammunition.

This document was reached by consensus among national authorities and other stakeholders on the regional challenges, thematic areas, targets, timeline of actions, key performance indicators and commitment required by participating entities. The Roadmap is aligned with the numerous decisions and regional strategies already in place and relevant commitments assumed by all Caribbean States to prevent and combat the scourge of illicit proliferation and armed violence.


The Goals of the Roadmap are:

  • Goal 1: Reinforce regulatory frameworks governing firearms and ammunition
  • Goal 2: Reduce the illicit flow of firearms and ammunition into, within and beyond the region
  • Goal 3: Bolster law enforcement capacity to combat illicit firearms and ammunition trafficking and their illicit possession and misuse
  • Goal 4: Systematically decrease the risk of diversion of firearms and ammunition from government- and non-government-owned arsenals


Complementary Actions

SDG Target 16.4 calls on all UN Member States to significantly reduce illicit arms flows and to combat all forms of organized crime by 2030. The Roadmap promotes the implementation of Agenda 2030 (SDG 16.4). Fulfilment of this Target will be significantly reinforced through concerted actions by Caribbean States to ensure accessible, timely and reliable data collection and analysis methodology on firearms and ammunition at the community, national and regional levels.